Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is the season of the Ninjas

The off season is here and if my body didn't know better, I probably wouldn't be able to walk by now, icing a limb or two on the couch, watching sappy movies. But thankfully I've been able to listen to it an spent some weeks doing "fun" workouts, no heart rate monitor, no music, just me, hubbs and the sounds of our footsteps. I didn't try to break any records, but threw in a few challenging workouts to get my heart going. Yesterday, for example, we went on a pretty exhilarating 10k, trying to keep a tempo pace all throughout. For the first time outside a race I managed to run this distance under 5:45 min/km, total 56:57. I had a few tough moments for getting the same stomach pain as during the marathon (drank a big coffee just before the workout, so liquid induced diaphragm cramps is what I'm going to call it), but I successfully breathed my way through it and didn't slow down too much. I'm toughening up, yo.
This is what I looked while running by the way. In my Ninja outfit, I felt invincible. I should wear this at work too, I need some help in that department. Invincible, invisible, time travel, whatever works. Oh wait...

In the biking department though, I don't even remember the last time I rode my bike, or any bike by the way. I haven't been motivated to go back to the gym yet, I'd rather spent those hours outside, running or walking, you know, breathing fresh air rather than other people's body odours. So let's not talk about how many km/h I'm getting slower with every week that I don't ride a bike. The mojo will come back once the blizzard is going to hit town, there will be no way out, right? Riiiight.

Swimming has been going well, I signed up for a weekly session with my tri club and we do a lot of drills and speed work and we're having lots of fun. Not sure whether I am making real progress yet, but for sure I am learning new things, such as swimming with flippers and getting blisters in new places. Going forward, I think I am  going to add another weekly swim because I found an awesome pool just 10min away from my house, which is in a gym, so I can go whenever I want, after I sign up with the gym, that is. I think I can get a good deal, but I need to work my charm with a particular employee, whose name I don't know yet, so wish me luck. Here's a few pictures of the pool, isn't it a beauty?
Love this pool, there's nobody in!
Coach Lorene, for the size perspective
To add to all this fun, I started going to hot Yoga again. For now, once a week is plenty and I LOVE it. I missed Yoga a lot. I haven't gone regularly in over 4 years, but my gym has classes every day and I settled on the Monday one with Matthew, a very cool dude with braids and a wicked body. He also puts on groovy music and is not afraid to ask us to do head stands and lunges until we throw up. Ok, nobody threw up just yet, but I've never sweat so much in my life for sure. Plus, downward dogs are great for tight calves, so I am looking forward to the time when my legs are going to beg me to go on a run. Oh, wait, that's about now. As soon as I am done putting away the laundry, I promise.

But before I go do that, here's a little piece of news that I can't wait to share with you guys. I signed up for Ironman 70.3 Muskoka!! Not sure when my coach is going to start the training madness, but for sure as soon as I'm done with this "fun" little phase. Let the hurt begin! In case you didn't know, Muskoka has the highest cumulative elevation in all Ironman races in North America, and that includes full Ironmans too. Crazy, but of course. Am I a Ninja or what?!

And to celebrate, what better than Muskoka beer?
Does this picture make me look drunk? I am not surprised.
Cheers everyone!!


  1. I love reading your posts! You pretty much inspire me with each one! ;) I bit the bullet and registered for ATB again next year! :-) I am thinking of signing up for my first FULL in May...when I feel that little voice of self-doubt entering in to my mind, that's when I like to read posts like reminds me: Yes. I can do this!

    Here's to setting new goals...can't wait to read about training for this next, amazing challenge!!! YOU ROCK! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I am too registered for ATB, my first attempt at the full distance. I can't wait. We should definitely meet. And yes, you WILL do this and much more! If you want to sign up for a marathon in May, I would definitely suggest Toronto over Mississauga, unless you want scenic and hard over flat and loud. I have never done Toronto in May, but that may happen if I keep on going after ATB. ;-) Hugs!

  2. I love the relaxing, run-what-I-want part of year. Losing the watches and pacing and just letting it be fun again! Great news that you signed up for 70.3. I'm amazed by triathletes. Amazed. There are just so many elements to put together that it takes incredible discipline. Also, I think we have the same yoga instructor (minus the braids and body), and I love ours so much. It's the only yoga class I even bother going to anymore because the rest are too scripted (they're all les mills bodyflow instead of actual yoga).

    1. I think I have been spoiled with a great Yoga instructor when I started many years ago and I could never settle for less since then. He was the most flamboyant, hard working and fun instructor I've ever had, 2h would go by and you wanted more. I cannot even imagine a scripted class, blech.

      The triathlon season looks so exciting!! I am a baby triathlete, so I am still far away from becoming a long distance machine. All I can hope for is that my body cooperates, I am eager to see what it's made of. ;-)