Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's not over till it's over

Another beautiful day, another outdoor bike ride... It was on my Training Peaks, but I didn't even dare to dream that I would get to do it outside. By chance, around 2pm I went out for a few minutes  and noticed the warm temperature (around 10C, maybe?) and bright sun and told myself, after all, why not?? I was procrastinating on the couch anyway, trying to delay the vacuum cleaning as much as I could (guess what, it's still not done) and decided that even Skyfall was going to wait. We were supposed to go see it around 4pm, but Mr. Bond is such a gentleman, I am sure he didn't mind.

I put on my running tights, a tshirt and a hoodie and off I went. Immediately after I started pedaling, the temperature dropped by 10 degrees (it's called the wind chill, d'uh!) and knew I was in for a suffer fest. I was still determined to spend 1h30 out there, so I put on my best smile and tried to keep it from freezing in place. Chain on the small crank, I also forced my legs to spin to keep the blood flowing. The last thing I wanted to see happening was to lose my toes on the road. 

At least the cows didn't seem to mind, they were all out, enjoying the crispy grass. But of course, they were not zooming on wheels!

Mooing on... my teeth and fingers also fell victims to the chill and eventually, they too went numb. After 1h, I started counting down the km since I couldn't feel my feet and my muscles were about to go on strike. I ate a few GU Chomps and sped up, making it back right under 1h30 as I had planned. Thankfully my shower gives me awesome hot water because I had to spend a good 20min under it to warm up my insides again. It was a beautiful day indeed, but the sun had very sharp teeth that made it a lot more enjoyable at 5km/h instead of 5 times that. Lesson learned, we're in Canada, alright.
And now that my fingers regained their mobility, I can finish telling the story of this day, secretly hoping for more rides in the sunset, freezing or not. I just need to get better prepared because it's always worth it!


  1. Great work out there today! I think its awesome that you stuck to it.

  2. Some days, a warm shower is the only thing that will warm me up. And it's not even very cold here!