Friday, November 30, 2012

A week full of WIN!

It's time to stop complaining about the winter and go inside!! D'uh! You would think that I'm smarter than this, but procrastination gets the best of me sometimes. This week, finally, I decided that enough was enough, I have a gym membership that I've been paying for a reason. So for once, I decided NOT to skip the treadmill and bike workouts, and drag my ass to the gym both times that it was required. I even went to the pool. A really tri-athletic week: WIN!!

Monday was Yoga as usual. Sweat, stretch and suffer. With each week I can see my flexibility increasing and I love it! Not sure if my joints agree, but so far so good, nothing started shaking or wobbling since. Yoga music was also pretty cool this week, more words than strings and flutes - it kept us awake for sure. By the way, if you ever wanted to know what instruments are played in traditional Yoga music, I came across this article (because I am curious like that).

On Tuesday I went for a minimalist run and increased the time to 30 minutes - still no pain. Awesome! Can it get better? Yes it can!

Wednesday evening I took a look at my schedule and I saw *gasp* a 1h50 bike ride. With intervals and the word HARD, five times. Well, what else could I do? I don't have a bike trainer, so gym was gonna be it. I can't really remember what I had for dinner that night, but fact is, it was NOT enough. I only had water with me on the bike and when the workout was finally over, I wondered if I could walk all the way to the change rooms and then drive back home. It literally felt like I had left on that bike the last ounce of energy that I had in me and that my bones were standing up like a castle made out of cards. I zig-zagged my way back to the lockers, on the road and up the stairs to my bedroom where I collapsed in my bed with no recollection of any events.

Sweat, water and VEVO
Thankfully I found a picture in my phone that cured my amnesia (most likely taken halfway, just before I had to restart the workout. Why do those bikes always have a 1h limit?)

Thursday was stay-at-home day because my company was moving offices and the movers were in there instead of us, pushing plastic crates around, up and down the elevators, and all the way to the opposite side of the city. Don't get me started. It sucks, for having doubled my commute time, but at least there is some good in it (see the end of the post). Anyway, I woke up, sent the kids to school, had breakfast, then returned to bed. I was still feeling exhausted and could not keep my eyes open - seriously down for the count. Maybe it was all the packing and cleaning that I had done since the beginning of the week, or the stress of having to work and meeting deadlines while doing all this, or the stress of moving altogether. Fact is, I slept until 1pm, then of course, returned to work on my laptop. At least I had decided that I was not going to leave my bed.

In the evening though, I knew there were workouts waiting for me and both required me to get up, get dressed and leave the house. I had another quick dinner (a small slice of pizza and two clementines) and rushed to the gym. Opened Training Peaks and discovered this.

Which resulted in this:

How thoughtful of coach Dave. Trying to kill me before the weekend. But I survived. And I wanted MORE. Masochistic much?

Maybe, given that I didn't go home after this, no no... I went straight to the sauna where I cooked for 20 minutes, then put on my bathing suit and then drove to the pool where the weekly tri club swim was about to begin. I had missed it for 2 weeks already, no more excuses. I'm pretty sure this isn't what coach Dave had in mind for me, he's not that evil, but if I was trying to find a way to die that night, this would have been the perfect fit. With only a pack of Stinger chews in me after the run (I'm pretty sure the pizza slice was long gone), I tried keeping up the best I could, but by the end of the night I had swallowed half of the pool and my stomach was dragging me down. I finished the class, but they had to fish me out with a harpoon, then jump on me to get the water out and refill the pool. Yikes, that's gross.

I beat the odds one more time. PHEW!

Today: REST. I walked for 5.5km. Can't keep me put, sorry, Dave. It was the first day in the new office and after an uneventful commute, I re-assessed my stress level and decided that working in this new place wasn't going to be so bad after all. It feels cozy for bringing people a lot closer together (hello, Mark - my cubicle buddy!), I have a window seat (after many days spent in tears),
Cubicle with a view
a gym on the same floor (photos by Becky Benson)
Treadmills and dumbells, wheee!
Elliptical machines
Torture machines
and a beautiful trail to run on.
The Don River Trail - my new best friend
I'm saying - why keep on stressing and looking at the bad side of things when you can flip the coin with a trick of the mind and embrace the opportunities that are being offered. You just have to open your eyes to see them.

Workouts with no pain, days spent in bed, new limits found, new friends made, nature at your feet.
This week was definitely full of WIN!!

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