Saturday, November 3, 2012

No excuses

I'm too weak too slow too big I ate too much for breakfast I've got a headache It's raining My dog is sick I can't right now I'm not inspired Makes me smell bad I'm allergic to stuff I'm fat I'm thin It's too hot I'm not right I've got shin splints I've got a headache I get distracted I'm just exerting myself too much I'd love to, really, but I can't I just can't My favorite show is on I got a case of the Mondays .. the Tuesdays .. the Wednesdays I don't wanna do this I wanna do something else Next week After New Year's I might make a mistake I've got homework I feel bloated I have gas I've got a hot date My coach hates me My mom won't let me I bruise easily It's too dark It's too cold My blister hurts This is dangerous Ughh… Sorry, I don't have a bike I didn't get enough sleep My tummy hurts It's not in my genes I don't wanna look all tired out I need a better coach I don't like getting tackled I have a stomach ache I'm not the athletic type I don't wanna get sweaty I have better things to do I don't wanna slow you down Do I HAVE to do this? As soon as I get a promotion I think I'll sit this one out Man, my feet hurt.

You have NO EXCUSES.

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