Sunday, February 26, 2012

New PR on 5K Trial Run

Trial run days always stress me. I know that I need to push myself and I am alone. No cheering crowd, no starting line, a few traffic lights ahead and everything else that could happen going through my head. When you are in a race you just go with the flow and forget about all the details. But I can't help it and I over-think trial days a week ahead. Maybe I should sign for races on these days instead.

Today was no exception. Woke up and immediately checked the temperature. 0 degrees Celsius but no wind, yay. With a beautiful sunshine and the whole neighbourhood in church, the roads looked empty enough for me to run a few traffic lights since I rarely get them aligned perfectly on green. I went for a short warm up loop and did a few stretches then checked my heart rate monitor and iPhone. All A-OK. Started engines... Off I went!

There is always a slight climb on my way to the half point so it was no piece of cake. No matter how much you think it's nothing, when your heart rate is close to the max, any incline will put additional strain on it. I felt it for sure, but kept on going, counting the minutes till the end. I finished in 28min sharp, shaving 50 more seconds off my PR. It was a good run and I feel proud of my new PR even though I'm still a slow poke for other people's standards. 

See the Runkeeper here.
See my PR mug below.

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