Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm still standing

Tough week. Lots of work in the office, long days, workouts whenever I can, but at the end I haven't missed one. It all started last Sunday with a 1h20 long run that I decided to do on the treadmill since it was cold and icy outside. I was hoping to find a button to adjust the pace, instead I found one for the speed. You can tell I don't use treadmills that often. So anyway, I did a quick math in my head, I was planning to run at a pace of 6:30/km, but of course, treadmills are in miles. Multiplied by 1.606, so I got something like 10:11/mile and I rounded that up to 6mph. Just like in Office Space, those decimals did their job and after proudly finishing the 8 miles in the hour twenty, I put everything in Runkeeper and it ended up being a run at 6:13/km instead of 6:30/km. I had never done a run over 1h quicker than 6:30, so I officially run my fastest "long run" by quite a few seconds faster than what I had planned for. That'll teach me.

The week that followed kept the madness to a high level and seemed like a neverending workout. On Monday I did my first official "brick" even though my legs were really sore from Sunday's run. 30 min bike, followed immediately by 30 min run. I survived.

On Tuesday I was supposed to do hills, but I chose to postpone them until the next day and treat my legs with some painful rolls on the foam devil instead, inspired by the video in the previous post.

Wednesday was another long day, that ended with a fancy dinner at Baton Rouge restaurant. I took the special "Mardi Gras" fixed menu and worked my way through the 3 courses, trying not to finish everything, and especially not the decadent chocolate brownie nut cake that, I found out later on, had a whooping 1250calories in it!! Thank goodness I only ate half. But at the restaurant I knew that my day wasn't going to end on another defeat, so I went straight to the gym to attack those hills. I did 6 repeats at 8% incline and a constant 5.5mph pace, for a total of 40 minutes with the warmup and cooldown. By the end of it, I was ready to throw up the beer, the salad, the steak, the sweet potato fries and coleslaw and especially the damn chocolate cake. Miraculously though, I held all this in and managed to finally get into bed by midnight with stomach cramps that made me swear never freaking Mardi Gras again.

Thursday was a 50min run which I did with no surprises other than the nice weather.
Friday was back in the gym for bike intervals, those killer 5/1s which I attacked moderately hard while reading a new book (more in a following post).

And today, to almost end the week on a light note, I did a 7.5k walk to have a scoop of ice cream. Caramel turtle truffle at Baskin and Robbins, with coupons that we had for about... 10 years. After a few minutes talk with the manager, they accepted the coupons, so yay for keeping them for so long (and not cleaning up some piles of paper all this time). I then lost a few more electrolytes while crying my heart out at "The Vow", the latest tearjerker with Canuck Rachel McAdams (she's hot!).

Eventually made it home to type all this. And yes, I am still standing, but will soon have to walk up the stairs to go to bed. A 1h30 negative split run is waiting for me tomorrow. I guess I have to figure out what speed I want to run at... without throwing away the decimals this time... Wish me luck.

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