Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food for thought

For the first time since we crossed the Atlantic to live on the North American continent, we made CUPCAKES! We have been no strangers to the fake muffin concept, but taking that extra step in buying fake icing and coloring it with more fake stuff was that one last step to take to cross to the "dark side" as one of my friends said. We are now totally assimilated.

I don't plan on making those very often, but once in a while, they are worthwhile the smiles.

How does this post fit in a health and fitness blog? Well, I counted 185cal for each cupcake, so that equals to either one of the activities below:
  • 15min of running at 6mph
  • 20min of cycling 12-14mph
  • 25min of jogging
  • 30min of moderate swimming
  • 50min of intercourse
Food for thought. I ate 2 so far. Off to do some math :-D

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