Friday, April 6, 2012

My MOJO is Back!

This has been a GREAT week. I don't want to jinx it because the Mississauga Marathon is now in less than 30 days and I am watching every single one of my tendons for signs of fatigue, but I cannot help it and give props  to my body for not hating me these days. My coach has now increased my mileage to what are going to be the toughest two weeks before the marathon (2.5h run this Sunday, 3h the next), then I have a 10k race and a week of taper. Nothing can go wrong now or I'm gonna lose IT!!

Here's an example of what I did in the past week:

Sunday - 30min run
Monday - 1h brick (30min bike, 30min run)
Tuesday - speed intervals (35min)
Wednesday - 1.5km swim
Thursday - 1.5h run
Friday - 45min run

Tomorrow REST. Yay!

Worth mentioning before ending this post is that for the first time I swam like a fish in a bowl on Wednesday and I didn't want it to stop. I used a buoy between my legs for most of the workout so I can concentrate on form and force my legs to stop kicking like crazy. I realized that the kicking is what slows me down for making me exhausted after 50m. Almost no kicking and I felt like I could go on for hours! The only part of my body that didn't agree with me was my ring finger on my left hand. Go figure, but it started cramping after 1km. I need to relax my fingers now? That's going to be tough.

I even tried to get footage of this prowess but alas I forgot to put my camera on video mode and all I got was 2 blurry pictures as the young lifeguard who volunteered had no iPhone experience. Oh well, maybe next time. Here's the last photo that was supposed to be "stop recording". I like it even if it's crappy. That smile says it all.

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