Saturday, April 7, 2012

The fun goes round and round and round

Tomorrow I had scheduled a 2.5h long run, so I was reluctant to add another "workout" to my crowded week and actual rest day, but it was too tempting!! It definitely sounded and looked like a lot of fun, so Easter Holiday oblige, we took the boys and we went to Scooters' Roller Palace in Mississauga for a few hours of "old skool" roller skating on quads. Afterall, rolling shouldn't use that many muscle groups, right? (boy, I was wrong!). See, in my younger years I used to be a "roller-girl", working for a supermarket in France where they had this system in which for each price tag mismatch or other issue discovered by the cashier, they would call the "central terminal" who would then dispatch a "roller-girl" or "roller-boy" to go in the aisles and check on the price or exchange items and bring them back to the cashier. I did that for about 3 years while I was studying in university and I learned to roller skate pretty well down those aisles thanks to spending at least 3h daily on skates and participating to a good number of after hours races (*cough cough* don't tell them, ok?). Ok, so that was.... um... over 15 years ago. Guess what, I never roller skated since. Quite the shame, I know. Anyhow, like riding a bike I guess, roller skating is something you never forget because after just 5 minutes on those quads, I was fully in my element. Great music, lights and a big smooth surface and off I started going in circles to no end. We skated for about 1h10min in total with a lunch break in the middle and finally called it a day when we started feeling blisters under our toes. We measured the rink and the time it took us to go around and we figured that, for doing about 250m in a minute, we ended up skating for about 17.5km today. I will put this under cross-training, mmmkaaay? It was the perfect way to add the well needed fun to this long weekend. I can't wait to go back!! Pictures after the break.

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  1. Tooooo groovy! Sounds like so much fun!! Any hey, it most definitely counts as cross training!!! ;)