Sunday, March 4, 2012

Basking in the runner's high

Long run today with chilly temperatures, but motivation was high, let me tell you why. I woke up this morning and ate 2 small homemade cherry cheese danishes (I can never say "no" to those) and a glass of butter milk for breakfast, then went to do the grocery shopping with hubbs. By the time I decided to go out for my run, my breakfast was pretty much gone, so I made sure I take a pouch of GU Chomps with me and enough water to keep me fuelled and hydrated. Somewhere along the road though, the Chomps jumped out of my pocket and by the time I hit the 5K mark and decided to eat some, they were nowhere to be found. I panicked for a minute there, but then I reminded myself how I only learned about eating during the long runs a month before my second half marathon. So if I could do it then, I should be able to do it now too! I chose to suck it up and keep on going, I still had about 10K ahead of me. I tried to stay relaxed and keep my pace on target which was easier said than done, come the last 5K where a nasty head wind was waiting for me.
My Raynaud's attacks didn't spare me, especially in those last few miles when I started to feel cold and cranky. I was afraid I would run out of mental and muscular juice, but my body was feeling great and no pain in sight other than my fingers that were crying inside my gloves. Thank goodness for no toes attacks today because I was upset enough for running with wet feet, thanks to the endless number of puddles that I jumped in, when jumping over was too much of a deal.

Surprisingly enough, today my feet didn't hurt like in the last few runs, where pain would install itself in the arches of my feet after a mile or two. My coach said that I should check the mileage on my regular Adidas adiSTAR shoes, which I did today and guess what? I run 519 miles in them so, um... it was time. I gave my newer, still nice and clean Adidas Glide2, a loving look before taking them in those puddles and hallelujah, the pain didn't creep in this time. What a difference a new pair of shoes make!! I am glad that I bought 2 more pairs just like those on eBay today, I should have enough pairs to destroy until next year. I was really surprised with how little those adiSTAR shoes lasted though, these were the most expensive pair I've ever owned. I remember using the old New Balance for over a year until they self-disintegrated and I could still run pain free in them. Even those Glide2 came out 1 year before the adiSTAR, so I guess they are making them such that they last less and less... That's such a shame. I'm glad I could snatch 2 more pairs of those Glide2 before they disappear from the radar. So far I run about 50-60 miles in them and not a single blister or pain, so these are GOLDEN!

So, shoes aside, where was I? Right, in the last 5K of my run. Wind, cold and all, I made it back home in 1h40 and beat my 15K PB from a year ago by 7 minutes!! I am so damn happy, I am still basking in the runner's high, even 6h after it ended. Now if I can only repeat this performance during my next race, the Around the Bay 15K relay on March 25. I will be running it with hubbs, as my running buddy, Carol, is unfortunately injured. New for this year is the hill in the second leg of the race which I will have to climb for the first time. Hope those hill repeats will come in handy then. Until the next time!

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