Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meal snap

Today's meals:

Apple cinnamon oatmeal frittata
Lamb Rogan Josh Indian dish
Liberte 0% Greek yoghourt
Salad with flaky spicy tuna

Total cals: 1431
Protein: 100g
Carbs: 170g
Fat: 43g
Fiber: 13g

A New Beginning

I have been a blogger for a long time, ever since Blogspot came to be. I used to have a blog for many years, which I abandoned as my thoughts needed a more private space at the time and eventually, those ramblings faded to become non existent. They had lost their purpose, my life became rather uneventful, I became depressed and soon I changed my identity in the blogosphere to "unpublished". Like a relationship that turned sour, I pulled the plug that is, and stayed underground for many, many years.

In the meantime, Facebook came around and blogging became rather obsolete. Many of my blogging friends got converted into Facebook friends and the trend continued, blogs were abandoned left and right. It is just in the past few months that I got re-aquainted with blogging as I peeked into the fitness world. I discovered a few highly motivating, very funny and thoughtful folks and many of them inspired me to get back on the bandwagon and document my path to becoming an athlete, if you wish. This is not my first attempt though, I failed a few times before, so be warned, I may disappear one day just like that. Who knows what will travel through my mind, now set on a new goal. This goal is to finish a marathon, then a few triathlons, a half Ironman next year and wait for it... a full Ironman in 2014 for my 40th birthday. Yay! And ouch.

Will I succeed? Just hang around long enough and you will see. ;-)