Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maximus : Are you not entertained?

So here's what's happened. Last night I walked 7.5k for a scoop of ice cream. Yeah, to each their own. Fast walk, in winter rubber boots (that look almost identical to these) because they were lighter than my usual boots and I was too chicken to wear my running shoes with the cold and snow and all. Anyhoo, fact is, I woke up with a very upset Gluteus Maximus. A bit like this Maximus, you know? Hurting like hell. So I gave him hell too in return. 5 good minutes on the foam roller and boy he didn't like it. Then I wrapped him in 2 pairs of tights and fleece pants on top and took him on a 1h30 run with negative split. Started easy, gorgeous day with bright sunshine and no sunglasses for added vitamin D, a bit icy, but not too treacherous and a nice tail wind, alas on the first half of the run only. Finished the run with a high that lasted a good hour afterwards. I was happy, but Gluteus Maximus was still upset. I stretched him well, but tomorrow I'll spend the day on the slopes trying to remember how to snowboard (last time I did I broke my wrist and that was 6 years ago) so he's going to take a beating, literally. I'm a bit scared for him.

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