Thursday, February 2, 2012

45 Easy

So I am currently training for the Mississauga Marathon and there are 12.5 weeks left before the big 26.6. Last year I spent the summer training, but just before the marathon I got sick and had surgery, so now it's a new start, new program and a coach to keep me on track. My schedule is fairly simple for the moment, I do 2 bike workouts and 3 runs a week. Tonight was a 45 min "easy run" and I'm glad that I had a rest day after the hill repeats I did on Tuesday because my glutes were screaming at me yesterday. They calmed down since and I could do this run in peace. Pure bliss. A bit tough around the corners as I didn't pay too much attention to my breathing and had a few stitches here and there, as well as a bit cold by the end of it. Once I got home, hubbs said "you have sweat frozen around your face". Hmm. Underneath my outer shell I was drenched. Go figure.

Here comes the Runkeeper. The light was absolutely gorgeous, so I took a few pics. I even photographed the baby hill (4% incline) that I use for my repeats. I definitely have to find myself a better one as this one is on a major route without sidewalks and where everyone speeds. It is called Countryside Dr., literally. On the right, a corn field, on the left, our subdivision that is only 5 years old. I don't want to get killed.

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