Monday, December 24, 2012

Last one for the road

Yesterday, -2C but with 3 warm layers, it was actually pretty enjoyable. I had to do it, I needed it. Armed with the warrior attitude, I set foot on the road for another 2h long run, which slowly but surely is becoming my favorite distance. It's long enough to be challenging for both body and mind, yet not too long to be exhausting.

I ran the first 5k with hubbs, who is still nursing an ITB injury, but continued on my own afterwards, with the goal of reaching the Etobicoke trail and doing one or more loops around the Loafers' Lake or the adjacent open field that the city recently reshaped in fitness bootcamp and playground. For those curious to see what it means, here are some pictures of the contraptions they scattered around.

I didn't try any of them because well, they do look cold and uninviting to touch, but also because I was on a mission. Funny thing, if you look closely, you will notice that they are all branded "Paris". I wonder where that is coming from...

Running wise, I did pretty good me thinks, managed to run 18k, but got mad at my Garmin HRM strap that is becoming more and more a lying piece of  sh*t. Anyway, I think I am going to take DC Rainmaker's advice and buy myself a Polar WearLink strap and do a brain transplant with Garmin's ANT+ transmitter.

That's all folks! Over and out!


  1. OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a slowly deteriorating HRM from Garmin. It worked awesome for about six months, but now it is completely sporadic and unreliable. So annoying! If you find a good one, tell me about it. I love knowing my heart rate info.

    The 2-hour runs are great. Plenty of time to get warmed up and into it.

  2. -2!! BRRRR!!!!

    Also, my HR strap stops working all the time. If you call Garmin support and ask nicely, they might send you a free replacement. :)