Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recovery week

Little by little, the excitement dies... But that's a good thing, training should also follow its circadian rhythm. I definitely need to rest for a little while, all this marathon training has been taking a large place in my daily focus and now it's time to shift this focus towards other goals. The next challenge is the Ride for Heart 50K on June 3rd, followed by my first olympic triathlon on July 22nd, then the marathon training returns for Scotiabank Toronto Marathon on October 14. So in the next 2-3 months I plan to increase my swimming and biking activities while keeping an active running base. Coach will sure know how to steer my training towards these new challenges and I can't wait!

This week I have been in recovery mode, lots of walks, a short 20 min run yesterday and a 1.5km swim on Friday. Swimming went really well, I am not sure how my technique held, but it seemed that I put on the turbo. I managed to do my first km in 28:56, the fastest time so far with 750m in pull. Then I did another 500m, with the last 250m without a pull buoy. I need to do something about the sinking bum, but I suspect that my fitness should improve the more I swim, so hopefully I won't feel so exhausted when I increase my kicking soon.

Yesterday's recovery run started pretty slow, legs were heavy, but after the first km them too remembered how to move faster. I run with my hubbs and ended at Tim Hortons for coffee, that was really great because it was pretty hot and I was dripping sweat from my ears. Summer is definitely pointing its nose around here.

Today was also a gorgeous day and I just couldn't wait to go out for a bike ride. Coach said to go for 45min easy, but once I started spinning those wheels, it was hard to slow them down and went all out for 1h of sustained effort up and down the country side of my hood, which felt more like a double up because of the strong head wind on my way back down. I managed to squeeze in 25km during which my 25yr old granny hybrid bike and my marathon legs passed 3 cyclists on their fancy carbon roadies and cleats. I do wonder how my ride will change once I join the club of thin tires and hard soles. I need to make a decision real soon, but it's the spending money part that keeps me from doing it.

Well, after all the trisport reports, it's time to end this blog post. I will leave you with a food triptych from this past week = homemade lasagna for recovery, salmon and broccoli for the lean dinners, egg whites and cheese to boost up the mornings. I am hungry all of a sudden.

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  1. Yummy! I was hungry pretty much all week as well! Hope you enjoyed recovery.