Saturday, May 19, 2012

It feels like triathlon training around here

It's not often that I feel like emptying a jug of Gatorade, but today's been one of these days when I felt that I left all my sweat out there. The day started with a 1.5h bike ride, followed by a few walks to Tim Hortons, first for coffee, second for an iced cappucino, with milk please, then it ended it with a 10km run with hubbs. This week truly felt like the beginning of triathlon training.

Swimming on Monday and Friday, biking on Wednesday and Saturday, running on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, plus all the walks in between and I ended up accumulating 70 miles in 11h of training. It may not sound that much, but it's a little frightening when you know that I'll have to put in the double in training for the Ironman. How many jugs of Gatorade will I drink then??


  1. WOW! Great start! Maybe you should make Gatorade popsicles for this hot weather!

  2. Now that's an idea!! Too bad they can't be carried on for more than 3 minutes. Even the water that I was carrying in my fuel belt got warm after 30 min. Yuck.