Monday, April 3, 2017

Getting ready to climb, cut, tri all the things and rescue dummies

It's been a tough week for squeezing workouts in, but I finished better than I started, I guess. The first 3 days were busy with exams and outdoor school fun, but at the end of Wednesday I was finally done! I chose to study rather than do workouts because I really wanted to finish strong, and I did not regret my decision. Over the course of the week I found out that I won a bursary for being top student in the Plant Healthcare class, and an award for being the toughest female climber this year. To be honest, I was surprised by both (I didn't even know about the bursary until last week!) and I wanted to bask a little in my pride for making it to the top at the ripe age of 42. Maybe going through enough shit in life does make you more determined and combative after all.
We are the Arborist Nerds
So much Hi-Viz! (all the teachers and students from this year)
If you want to see more pictures from our "Humber Games" fun day, go here.

So the first day that I could really work out was Thursday. Sometime in the afternoon between Uber Eats deliveries, I jumped on the trainer and completed Mount Field in Trainer Road. It was pretty surreal to watch the big snowflakes falling outside the window, a day after the beautiful blue sky and spring like temperatures that you can see above.

The next day I went to the graduation ceremony in the morning, followed by a drive to Guelph to help a friend go to a job interview (3h round trip), followed by a drive downtown Toronto for celebratory drinks with my schoolmates. Needless to say, I only worked my clutch leg that day. 

Come Saturday though, the weather turned back to spring mode and I went outside for a run, in crops, tshirt and a light hoodie. Did another 4km loop, thankfully without pain, which gives me hope for my running season. I hope not to jinx it by talking about it here.

Then back home, the 8Fit app was bugging me to do a workout, so I fit that in before bed. Alas it had a lot of jumping/running on the spot and my feet reminded me the next day that I should have done these exercises in running shoes, not barefoot. I should have also put a bra on. Oh well.

And finally, on Sunday, tadaaa..... first 90m workout on the bike (Baxter) and 1500m of swimming in the pool. The biggest challenge of the day was to find a swimsuit that I could fit in, and after a few minutes of wrestling with one, I found reassurance that it won't burst at the seams while doing a flip turn (I didn't do any of those, just in case). Of course I forgot my Garmin at home and I cannot share any data, but you have to believe me that I spent enough time in the water to get goggle eyes, dry skin and everything. 
How`s this for proof
I have no idea what hubbs has in store for me next, but I know that on my rest day I should probably get rid of the 4 baskets of clothes that are waiting for me in the middle of the bedroom and before the end of the week, attempt to run a 5k. With another pool session or two, and maybe a ride outside too... Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in classroom again, renewing my First Aid Certification once again (because I let it expire and it`s kind of a big deal in this industry). Let`s see how much of a workout they put us through. I see a lot of chest compressions and breathing into rubber dummies in my future. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand... breathe! 

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  1. Love this career change on you! Way to set your mind and get things done!