Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One week down, many more to go

This is going to be a happy post, I promise. No more pity party for now. Umm, not for today, anyway. In other news, I am not dead!! First week on the new program, 12h of workouts, and don't get me wrong, I do feel tired... and a bit scared about tomorrow's group ride and Cross Fit combo, but at least I am full of energy and happy to be moving forward.

I wrote my last post on my rest day, but since then, lots have happened. Long bike on Saturday, that turned into a brick, then on Sunday, triple treat: long 20k run, followed by a 30min spin, and soaked for a good measure in 1h of pool. Yesterday, legs were not happy to see the bike again for more spin, it took them more than 20min to "wake up". But today, surprisingly enough, they kept on going, for a nice round of hill repeats, and another hour in the pool. Now THAT was news worth mentioning. I woke up before the alarm clock at 5:45am and at 6:15am I was starting my swim. Un-Riri-believable!

See how warm and welcoming this pool shack is. Come to me, baby, get wet, let's sweat! Oh and the water was indeed very warm, that was a nice surprise. I swam until the sun rose, one hour of pure bliss in the fast lane all by myself. That was the best!

I have two more swims this week, which most likely will go down from here, so I'm enjoying the feeling while it lasts. Time to go to bed now, tomorrow is going to be tough!

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