Friday, June 22, 2012

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Ole ole, ole ole... I don't know about you guys, but it's been melting braincells hot here in Toronto. This week we reached 43C/108F with the humidity factor and apparently this is just an intro to what summer has in store for us. This sounds good for some, not so much for others, I'm somewhere sitting on the fence as heat hasn't bothered me so much in the past. Proof is that I went out there twice this week in the scorching heat, one time to bike for 1h, another time for a 2h bike/run brick and I haven't died, wheee. I don't think I have a choice anyway, I cannot control the weather knobs and you can see below what my training weeks look like. They are more or less the same before the tri on July 22, but given the amount of effort I'm putting in, I wouldn't be surprised if I sign up for a half-iron before the end of the year. Ok, maybe not, I am not sure how my marathon training is going to interfere with tri training between July and October, but who knows what crazy ideas get to travel through my overheating brain during the summer months? You should always expect the unexpected with me.

As a proof of my madness, I also bought my first wetsuit. After doodling with the idea of renting one and still not finding a place where rentals are affordable and products are guaranteed to fit, I decided on an Xterra Vortex 4 fullsuit wetsuit thanks to the dozens of coupons floating on the intertubes. The particular coupon that I found gave me a rebate of 60% and I ended up paying $160 + tax + shipping for a suit worth $400. Not bad, given the popularity of this suit and the guarantees that they offer with it. It took just over a week to arrive and after an initial shock while trying to understand how in hell I was going to fit inside it (I got the Women's Medium size, but it looked tiny!), I was happy to see that indeed, it fit just like a glove and even better, it rewarded me with the instant superhero look.

Alas I could only wear it for about 10 minutes before I started feeling my insides slow cooking in it and had to peel it off along with 2lb of sweat. Since then, I had been VERY impatient to put it on again and try it in a real lake! Thankfully my local tri club has open water swims scheduled every week on Thursdays but alas they've been cancelled two weeks in a row, first time because of high levels of bacteria and yesterday because of a lightning storm (which looked just like this, I was in it).
Thankfully there is still a month before my triathlon and I haven't lost faith in the weather gods just yet.
See, I'm still smiling, even when I do my runs in the rain. ;-)

I'll leave you with a final note on this heat, a musical one, especially for those of you who live on the opposite side of the planet where you must starting to freeze your cojones by now. There you go! Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

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