Friday, June 8, 2012

Everybody poops

Whoa, what an article. Just came across this collection of stories, I can't even remember how, a link leads to another link, etc.

The stories are intertwined, hard to find an excerpt that does this article justice, so here's what I found.
"Nothing can knock a superhuman athlete down to earth as quickly and severely as poop. That's the power of poop.
In other words, poop is the great equalizer. The fact that it happens so frequently, and publicly, to athletes in action creates a toxic paradox that, just like a triple bacon gordita, we don't exactly know how to process. This entire issue of The Magazine is proof of how we, as a society, regard athletes' bodies as the ideal representation of the human form. We hate and hide defecation because, as Freud said, it reminds us that we aren't, in fact, pure spiritual beings; we inhabit physical forms that are flawed, organic and, in the case of the New Orleans Saints, pretty dang nasty."
For the rest, which is very informative and well written, follow the link.

I just hope it will never happen to me. Ever.

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