Friday, May 4, 2012


Two days! ONLY two days before the Mississauga Marathon, yikes! Since I've decided to run this marathon as well, of course, I've been freaking out. For the Paris Marathon I didn't have time to think, I fell in it from the sky, literally. But fact is, I've been feeling pretty good, no major aches and pains other than the occasional dull pain travelling up and down my calves and the burning patch that's been plaguing my shoulder for the past two weeks, pretty much out of the blue, the day after my last massage therapy. I decided to book another massage therapy appointment today in a last attempt to make my pains go away, so we'll see how that goes. Then I will go pick up my race kit and chillax for the rest of the day. Did I mention that I took 2 vacation days, today and Monday because I expect a much larger impact on my poor legs after loading them with over 100km in a month.

Today I will also do a quick 30min run, just like last night, it will be my last before the marathon. Even when I was running last night I was watching every single one of my steps to make sure that I don't twist an ankle or smash my teeth in a pothole. Anything can happen and for sure I'd prefer to be in a padded room today with a cold beer and lots of pillows. Fingers and eyes and arms and toes crossed. Two days!!

[fast forward a few hours]

Had the massage therapy this morning, it did not heal the pains, but it sure felt good. Then I went and had sushi and chicken teriyaki for lunch and went to pick up the race kit.

Below is the t-shirt and bib number I got. 71!! Holy macaroni, double digit number, what in hell, am I supposed to be running with the speedies? Ok, I'll just ignore it and move on. Hope it will bring me luck, but the pressure is on :-)

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