Saturday, May 5, 2012

One step ahead of the other

I am running out of ideas to occupy my anxious mind, so maybe listening to the last episode of the Step Ahead podcast and reminding me that marathons can go well despite of everything else happening around in the universe isn't a bad idea... If only I wouldn't cringe every time I hear my voice. Here you have it, in which I talk about falling from the sky in the middle of the Marathon de Paris and setting a new PR at Toronto Yonge St. 10K. I also talk about... what again? Gosh my mind is fuzzy, I should ask Carol, my friend and host of Step Ahead. Pickle juice, or rather drinking brine to avoid hitting the wall (I have my bottle ready for tomorrow!), see-through t-shirts, the lack of portapotties in Paris and other nonsense. But it's a lot of fun when done under a good dose of endorphins that just won't go away. If you listen all the way until the end, you'll get a glimpse into the effects of marathon induced euphoria. Happy listening!

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