Monday, March 10, 2014

IMMT Training Week 7: A different kind of struggle

I'm a bit late with this blog post, but last week was absolutely draining, mentally and emotionally. On the flipside, the workouts weren't that bad and I even threw in some corporate fun. Ping pong anyone? I organized this tournament at work as a team building activity and we played round 1 this week. I lost to a stronger opponent, but I'm still in for doubles. That was somewhat expected since I only played twice in the last 5-6 years. We also played some games outside of the tournament which sure made my heart pumping and sweat dripping. One hour of smashing and jumping, and the next day my arm and back on the right side reminded me that I had not used these muscles in a long time. It totally counted as 1h of effort, no doubt about it.

My longest ever swim in a pool was on Tuesday morning and it gave me the feeling that I could conquer the world that day. 3100m, boom! Followed by 2250m during group swim on Thursday and 2000m on Sunday. Biggest week ever!! It was also the slowest in a while, but I can't have it all. It didn't bother me a second. I take whatever the pool gods give me and not drowning is always a WIN.

One hour easy here, one hour easy there... then boom again! Monday's ride was a snooze-fest, and on Thursday, hubbs made me a "custom" Trainer Road workout, just for me. I loved it (that's because it felt easy)!
However, the group spin on Saturday brought back memories... and sweat, and tears. I tried dialing it down, but I still stuck with the group effort until the last imaginary hill.
I even beat my 30min record. What about that, eh? Maybe it's time to do one of these 8 or 20 min tests again, even though I don't feel quite ready for putting all the hurt on my glutes and knees. I'll wait for coach to give me the green light. I think he's planned one of these tests for us in 2 or 3 weeks, and that should be just what I need.

Two treadmill runs to keep my legs moving and they were both dreadful. Being alone with my thoughts this week did not count as success. Both times my mind went wondering in muddy places and slipped into some dangerous sinkholes. I even had a major freak out 40 min into the run on Tuesday and started bawling my eyes out while on the treadmill. Thankfully nobody I knew was there to witness my meltdown. I managed to compose myself again and did not fall face forward on the belt, but it was a close one. Since then, I've talked to a few people, and it helped tremendously. I am a work in progress anyway...

On Sunday, I needed some fresh air to clear my head. I debated whether to go outside or not the whole day, but since another introspection without distraction was not advisable, I eventually dug out my winter clothes and went outside to brave the cold, wind and (some) hills. I got reminded how much harder running outside in winter is. To add excitement to my run, I may or may not have caused a car accident, but since both drivers started yelling at each other instead of pointing at me, I continued my 11km solitary journey, now with something else to occupy my brain. Back home, I even managed to crack a tiny smile.
Running is supposed to do that to you, right? It was a nice reminder... that I can fight this.

In a nutshell
Tough week, mentally rather than physically. Survived it. This coming week will be another kind of tough as I keep thinking about a friend of mine who lost her daughter in a house fire on Friday. The Universe is so evil sometimes, I wish it left the good people alone. Too sad for words, over and out.


  1. Unfortunately I can totally relate to this post. I'm so very sorry for your friend, I can't imagine. I've struggled with grief these past months myself and truly know that the only thing worse would be the loss of a child. Truly there can be nothing worse than that. I don't think I'd survive it. The training can provide a much needed outlet for so many things, but it doesn't mean it's easy. That's for sure. My condolences.

  2. I'm sorry that you're struggling right now. Hopefully things turn around for you soon. I know its tough to fight the darkness but in the end the light will always win. I'm so so very sorry to hear about your friends daughter. How devastating. I'll keep them in my prayers.

  3. Don't worry about how slow or fast you are in training! Train to race, don't race to train ;)

  4. I'm so sorry you've had such a tough week. I hope the warmth and brighter hours this week helps. Way to keep pushing through the training.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I can't imagine how difficult that would be. Life is so incredibly unfair sometimes.

    I'm also sorry you were having a down week. Hang in there. You are doing amazing with your training, making huge strides and should be proud of yourself. I think you are terrific!

  6. Great post once again, Irina. I can tell you that every athlete has had those runs (and weeks) at some point, myself included. I remember a 10K treadmill run last year in which I stopped three times, sat at the end of the belt and cried my eyes out..only to get back on and finish the run. Keep that run in your back pocket and if ever you encounter a difficult time in a race, pull it out and use it to your advantage.

    Sending your friend my condolences...there are just no words.
    And hugs to you.

  7. Everyone of you is really awesome for having stopped by to leave me a comment. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I know that I am not always engaging in conversations, but it always warms my heart to find a word or two on my posts. Hopefully I'll have better news next time. Hugs all around!