Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How not to fuel when you're missing organs

After the enthusiasm-filled blog post last weekend, today brings a change of mood, mostly due to the food coma in which I have been agonizing since yesterday. Thankfully the legs are still there, as proven in my last run, 7km easy pace which I completed in Z2 as planned. Thank you legs.

However, my stomach has been completely upside down, not only because I have been a lazy ass and did not bring food to work when I should have, but I also indulged without thinking. See, it all started with my birthday on Wednesday and my awesome colleagues who surprised me with the most delicious cake ever. So, in the morning, I had a slice of cake which I enjoyed with very loud moans of pleasure for everyone's entertainment. Then, at lunch, a few of us went out and we ate Indian food in a little restaurant called Taste of Punjab (Brampton peeps, recommended!!). I loved it. Maybe a little too much. In the evening, I went out again, this time with my family, direction Swiss Chalet. I had back ribs and sweet potato fries, a Stella, and a slice of lemon meringue pie, because YOLO, bitches! Happy last year of the 30s to me! Not sure what I ate on Thursday at lunch, but in the evening I found pizza waiting for me at home and ate two slices.

On top of all this, I had a very long work week, which included working in the weekend as well. Since it was due to a new product launch, the food was provided, but the healthy options were very limited. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I ate 2 out of three meals each day at work. Also, yesterday my team organized a potluck and it was all pretty much the same. Bring on the pizza, curries and five kinds of rice, samosas, cookies, cheesecake, egg tarts and all the sugar soaked spongy thingies in all shapes and colors that I could not recognize. It was only a matter of time until my body said "enough with this crap!". I enjoyed all the food, had a bit of everything, but then ended in the washrooms throwing up and feeling like a volcano was erupting inside my guts. I had to cut my day short and come home where I went straight to bed and had an hour nap in an attempt to calm my intestines down.
Stupid clown
I had to take a sick day since I've been having stomach cramps and a lingering nausea since yesterday. Not sure if it's relevant, but two other people took a sick day today. As far as I'm concerned, I learned my lesson well, especially without a gallbladder. This week only, I must have eaten worse than in the entire year, so it's clear that my body is no longer taking this kind of abuse anymore. I am not sure when I'll be able to return to the pool or do my core workout (excuses, excuses), but seriously, anything that uses my abdominal area is freaking me out for now. I am planning to go on a bike ride later on and maybe the fresh air will help. Wish me luck!


  1. Ugg. Good luck. MMM Indian food.

  2. Only you could make a story that ends up with barfing this interesting, although you could have ended at "sugar soaked spongy thingies" and it would have been OK.