Thursday, June 6, 2013

This workout has been cancelled

It started the weekend I went to Muskoka or a few days earlier, hard to say. It was just a little cough. Then I spent two days breathing the cold air on the bike, and it got worse, of course. AC on my way to Muskoka and back, AC at home, the cold air never stopped. It lingered for 10 days, at the back of my throat, but then with more cough comes more pain. See, I suffer from Reactive Airway Disease which is usually triggered within minutes by exposure to perfume, aerosols or strong scents like home air fresheners. This time I'd say that AC started it, combined with the fumes from the other vehicles. When I exercise, it always gets worse, always. I usually throw a cough fit as soon as I start breathing a bit harder, be it on the bike or during the run, and also as soon as I stop exercising. These are all symptoms of Exercise Induced Asthma which I had for as long as I can remember.

In summary, I cannot win. The best treatment is prevention. My doctor gave me an inhaler last year but I must have used it less than a dozen times. I really wish this cough to go away by the time I start working, not only because it hurts my throat now, but also because it scares people. I don't have a cold since I have no other symptoms than the cough and nobody around me has gotten sick in the past 2 weeks, but I am getting tired of it big time. I am taking cough and cold medication to keep it under control and as of yesterday I have been also taking cough syrup and covering myself in Tiger Balm.

On Sunday I decided not to exercise, yesterday as well since I just don't want to cough more than necessary. I went swimming on Tuesday and that went really well, swam the fastest ever in a pool, just with my pull buoy. By the end I was feeling like a torpedo, it was great. I am going to swim again today, but I'm not sure when to bike and run again. I have an olympic tri 10 days from now and I remember what it was to compete with a handicap as I did last year with the flu. I want this cough gone for good or I'm gonna lose it. Breathe, relax... anyone got a good recipe for that?


  1. Hmm...there's an herbal syrup that I use for my coughs. It doesn't contain any "medicine" per se but it instead provides a thick coating to my throat so that I stop coughing. What's nice about taking it is that 1) it isn't habit forming and 2) I don't overload my body with a bunch of medication that I don't actually need. Have you tried it?

    It's a bit expensive on Amazon -- I think I can pick it up in person for about $5 or so a bottle in the International District. Let me know if you want me to send some bottles over :)


    1. Amara, thank you for your comment, much appreciated. :-) The cough syrup Stodal that I started taking yesterday doesn't have any medicinal ingredients, it's all natural. It's not very thick, but not very efficient either. I am thinking to give it a few days to see if it starts working... the other medecine I take mostly at night to help me sleep. I don't take all these at once, mostly I did take them because I found them in my drawers and didn't want to buy new tablets. I don't necessarily believe in homeopathic medecine, but at this point I'm pretty desperate and I'd try everything I can.

    2. Amara, I just saw your link. I know that chinese cough syrup, I had it for many years and I just threw away the bottle because it was too old. :-( I should definitely go pick up another one, I know where to find it.

  2. I just use hot herbal tea with honey and lemon when I have a cough. It's at least soothing. Hope you're starting to feel better!