Sunday, May 19, 2013

Free Stuff Giveaway: the results are in!

This was a lot easier than I thought. We got a whooping number or 13 comments on the giveaway post, out of which 8 were draw entries and 3 were my own ramblings. I put everyone's name in an Excel spreadsheet to make as official as I could, then I went to the website where I used the random number generator to find the winners.

Since there were two hats and only two entries for these, that made it straightforward enough, we have two winners!! Mihai and Marga will both get a technical Running Room hat.

For the Under Armour tshirt, there were also two entries, but only one shirt, so I had to use the random generator. Man, the computer took much longer than I thought to give me that number. It ended up being 1, so the tshirt will go to Fran!

As for the New Balance tank top, we had 4 entries and 2 tops, so I worked that random number generator twice. Below are all the results.
That means Cori and Marga will get a tank top each! Sorry Julia and Jenny, it looks like it wasn't the day for the letter J. 

If you are a winner send me your address by email to ririnette [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you all for participating, it was fun to put this draw together. Have a great weekend!!

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