Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time for a recap : Swimming

You know you're overdue for a recap when you find pictures in your camera taken two weeks before and you hardly remember the circumstances. And since a full recap may be quite long, I am going to take the "divide and conquer" approach and start with a quick swimming update  - just because I've nauseated you enough with this topic and we could put it to sleep for a while.

I am currently swimming twice a week: Tuesday in the pool and Thursday at Professor's Lake with the Fletcher's Meadow Cross Trainers (FMCT) tri club. I am constantly trying to improve my stroke and efficiency with the goal of swimming constantly under 2min/100m. During my last open water swim it seems that something clicked and was able to swim 2.3km in 47-48min, which is a huge improvement from a week before. The quest continues...

It is not easy to think about doing all this at once though:
-"take your hand out of the pocket"
-"1...2...reach! 1...2... reach!"
-"split screen - keep that goggle under water"
-"bubbles, bubbles, bubblllbslssbsblblbes"
-"you are a meat stick"
-"brush your thumb against the hip"
-"is my head relaxed?"
-"where is my bow wave, dammit?"
-"keep the elbow bent under water"
-"reach over the barrel, keep pushing water backwards"
-"look at your fingertips"
-"let's try a little kick"

I am usually too shy to ask someone else to take pictures of me in my wetsuit, but I have a few that I took of the group - too bad this week is the last open water swim session of the season, I am going to miss it...

Most club members were gone to IMMT and it was pouring rain... 
This must have been a "recovery swim" for a few...
Swim done - a little time for reflection...
The morning after.
Isn't it pretty? But damn, I should not have read about that piranha... Anyway, that's it for the pictures.
Next, bike update.


  1. Too bad about the season ending swim. Why so early? Is it because all the big races are done now?

    1. Sam, I believe it is because Professor's Lake staff return to school. The tri club only operates in agreement with the city of Brampton programs and their facilities and most of life guards are students.