Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Because I like making lists: 40 steps to 40

Did you know that in less than a year I'll be turning 40?

Yep, no matter what, 40 is happening. But how I get there, it's a different matter altogether. I want to turn 40 with a bang!! (I'll make sure to put that on the list by the way). Yes, I know that I've signed up for an Ironman, but I need some backup plans because shit can happen and then what?
Besides, if you dedicate your whole year to the Ironman and put on hold everyone and everything else, most likely you (that's me) will get alienated by the monotony of workouts and the constant focus on fitness. I think it is important for your psyche to keep a somewhat normal life around Ironman training because you never know when you're going to need to look back and say "this was not a complete waste of time". I've learned some lessons along the way...
I'm a big kid now
So I've made a list of 40 challenges, goals, stepping stones, whatever you want to call them, which should be enough to keep me busy in all situations. Half of them are fitness related because it just made it easier to fill up the list. The rest I got with help from friends, Pinterest and my bored mind. I want my 40s to be the best decade yet. Here we go. Deadline is September 18, 2014.
1. Finish Ironman Mt. Tremblant
2. Clean up my diet. I have a plan for that.
3. Lose weight to reach 125lb
4. Run a 5k race under 25min
5. Run a 10k race under 52min
6. Run a half marathon race
7. Complete a duathlon
8. Complete a 70.3 triathlon
9. Swim 1000m with flip turns
10. Swim 4x50m medley non stop
11. Swim with fins in open water for fun
12. Go skinny dipping
13. Bike to Niagara Falls and back
14. Bike to Blue Mountain and back
15. Bike the Caledon Trailway
16. Climb a mountain
17. Volunteer at a race
18. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
19. Read 5 books
20. Dye my hair at home
21. Find 100 new geocaches
22. Make a jar of something
23. Make 12 new dishes
24. Spend a whole day at the movies
25. Do something fun on New Year's Eve
26. Go on a date night x 4
27. Make something with my cork collection
28. Make a dreamcatcher
29. Use my 10 classes Yoga pass
30. Try paddle boarding
31. Learn how to roll sushi
32. Express gratitude for at least 40 days
33. Host a party/BBQ with friends at home
34. Ride the Leviathan rollercoaster
35. Ride the Behemoth with my younger son
36. Go fishing with my boys
37. Try a new food
38. Go to the reflexologist
39. Get a mani/pedi or a spa treatment
40. Turn 40 with a Bang!

This is a method to my madness. (I also put the list on the side so I can keep track more easily).
Everyone say hip hip hooray!


  1. Ok, the yoga class pass one made me giggle, because I'm pretty sure I have some yoga class passes around here that I always intend to use and then somehow it never actually happens. Looks like a great fun list!

  2. Great list!! How are you going to top that when you are turning 50? Ultra marathon perhaps?

    1. Robin, I am not sure I'm interested in running farther than 42.2, but 50 should be a good time to make a trip to Boston ;-) I would like to see the 50 list include some exotic destinations. For now, it's all happening in my backyard.

  3. Awesome Irina... I love it... and especially like number 32. :)

  4. Last Sunday (Nov 10) marked 40 weeks to go until race day. Look after the most important thing first.

  5. Great list!! Funny, I was wondering the other day if you still do the geochaching. I remember you getting the license plate. Good luck in achieving all of those goals. Forty is fun, don't be scared. :oD

  6. Hey, love this idea. I'm going to copy you and do the same thing -- but it will be 50 for me....aaaaand, we have the same birthday! Have fun with all your training :)

    1. We have the same birthday?? That's so cool!! I can't wait to see your list and follow you along in your training. To Mt. Tremblant and beyond! ;-)