Sunday, June 9, 2013

Like two fish in a pond

First open water swim of the season! We couldn't wait for Professor's Lake Beach to open this year, we've been counting the days and today, finally, we could get our swim on! It was the first one ever for hubbs, in a wetsuit that is. It was also my first time this year that I was putting my wetsuit on. Good news, it still fits! In less than 5 minutes each, we were ready to go. I couldn't contain Zin, he went in right away, I bet he was eager to try his new rubber skin.
We're going to swim from here...
All the way there... that's about 100m I bet!
I followed suit shortly afterwards and was surprised by how warm the water was. A bit "fresh" on the face, but I wasn't expecting anything less, we're in a spring fed lake after all and it's been pretty cold out there this year. We went back and forth along the demarcation line and it was much better than I thought despite the fact that the area wasn't deeper than 5 feet, the water was crystal clear, lots of fish were doing their own thing and didn't seem to be distracted by our attempts to imitate them.
Like a boss
Like myself
We went back and forth maybe 5-6 times, then a bit to the deeper area towards the platform that you can see behind me. I could not stop watching the fish. There were a few really big ones in the deeper end and I was mesmerized. We called it a day eventually. It was close to lunch time and we started to have fish envy. In the belly. Come'on, one last photo, and we're gone!
We really had a good time. I am very happy that Zin is such a natural and is afraid of nothing. I want to see him completing his first triathlon already, he's going to kick some ass! Next open water swim, Thursday with the tri club, but this time in the middle of the lake around buoys! Let the triathlon season begin!

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