Friday, February 8, 2013

The Virtual Half Goofy Challenge Report

Hello Internet. Meet Cori. She is seriously kick-ass. She works, writes and raises two beautiful twin girls, and did I mention that she runs marathons, half marathons and 5Ks all in a weekend's breath too? Yep, she does. Just a few weeks ago she traveled to Disney World and ran the famous Goofy (and some more - that's a lot of km, believe me) with Team in Training. Are you inspired yet? You should read her posts here, here and here. Respect.

So you may remember that hubbs and I joined Cori in her brilliant fundraising challenge, that was to run a Half-Goofy, sometime between November and the end of January. The requirements were that we run a 10K and a half marathon over 2 consecutive days and send her the proof. Not only we'd help the cause, but we'd even receive a hand crafted medal made by Cori, a set of bibs and a training plan. How awesome was that!

The time went by fast, then Zin got injured and we had to postpone, postpone and postpone again... I even thought of doing the Half-Goofy by myself while we were vacationing at Disney World, but quickly realized that without the road closures of the real event, there was just no way (no sidewalks at the resort). Oh, and definitely no time.

Ohmigosh ohmigosh, it's almost Half-Goofy time!!
So better late than never, the last weekend of January, even though it was -15C outside, we put on our 12 layers and went out to have... fun (?). Just a week before, it had snowed for the first time this winter. And we hit record cold temperatures too (-26C mid-week). Needless to say, we were in for a treat, the Great Ass Freezing was in full effect with no signs of getting warmer. This was it. No other chances of running the Half Goofy.

Oh well, HTFU. Saturday, we warmed up with breakfast and a coffee and we hit the road. 10K, that wasn't going to be that bad we said. And indeed, it was a gorgeous day with bright blue sky (don't ever trust the bright blue sky in winter) and the hour went by in no time. We went on our favorite route to Heart Lake and back, nice and steady. Below are some pictures and the Runkeeper trace.
A Goofy Journey begins
Heart Lake Road
This is Countryside
Home stretch

The next day I got an invitation to run with a group of friends who were doing 16K with the Running Room downtown Brampton. Since a meetup was long overdue, we decided to join them and add a 5K loop at the end. It was a great decision because hubbs got the opportunity to run with other folks at a faster pace, while I got to catch up with my running buddy Orville, with whom I ran most of the 16K and talked about a year's worth of life and stuff. I also met Gary, another Runkeeper friend who kept me company for a little while, before joining the faster group as well. It was really treat to share this time with them.

We didn't even took our cameras out, it was too cold anyway and batteries needed to be spared. A run was being recorded with the phone, this was serious! I think I did the 16K in a bit less than 1h45, hubbs finished 8 minutes ahead of me. We quickly said goodbye to our friends and ran on... Went straight south on Main St to the Police Academy building (that's how I call it since I ran around it a few years ago when I was trying to become a cop), did the same loop around the building and back. We circled the Running Room plaza some more to make it 21.1K, then ... we were done!!! Wow, not even tired. Hahah. Yeah, right. We were tired of course, starving and thirsty. I only ate half a pouch of Honey Stinger chews (shared it with Orville) and half a bottle of water because for over 10K I wrestled with it, trying to suck the water out. It was frozen and of course it wasn't coming out. I ended up tucking the bottle inside my sweater for a while and eventually smartened up and completely removed the cap to drink. Too little, too late... but it got me through it.

The trace looks like a Christmas Tree - don't ask, I only followed the directions. The run was quite hilly too, but I didn't seem to notice - so much easier with company! We took the car and went straight back home where.... wait for it... we took an ICED BATH.
I added a few more layers on top and removed as many as I could on the bottom and after hopping in, I asked hubbs to take a picture of me before I turned blue. I have no idea how cold the water was, but the idea of adding ice cubes seemed totally superfluous. Instant freeze. Legs burned for about 5 minutes, then everything went numb and I started feeling pretty darn good. Call me a masochist, I know. The day went on with the weekend chores... groceries, cooking, folding laundry, all the good stuff outside of running and virtual racing.

And just like that, the Half Goofy was behind us. It was a great adventure and I am so happy and proud to have been part of Cori's virtual team. She had the best idea ever, but what would you expect, she's a smart cookie. Someone said COOKIE?! Nom nom nom.

Darn, I'm hungry. Thank you Cori for the medals and the cute little card and all the dedication that you put into this event. You are the best!


  1. LOVE IT! I nominate you for best half goofy race report!!! :D

    I can so relate to trying to suck water from frozen bottles. I froze up on both my 32 and 34k runs. I didn't take a single ice bath through my training, though I did toss myself into a snowbank after the 32k and sat there for 20 mins while my parents looked on wondering if I was mentally stable and whether they should maybe be put in charge of raising my daughters since I was obviously losing it! HA!

    I'm so glad to have "met" you through this challenge! I have family out east, so it is always possible we might have a chance to meet in person someday soon :) Thank you for your support and I look so forward to following your continued adventures! You rock!

  2. Awww shucks, thank you! :-) You know what I kept on telling Zin (hubbs) - look, we have no excuse. Cori's out in the Cold West (not the Hot SoCal) and she got snow in October and has been doing all her long runs in -20C. If she can do over 30K in this weather, so can we. I just wish I talked to you about the frozen water before, haha.

    Awesome story with the snow bank!! So funny. I love doing snow angels myself, but a bit more covered up than in running clothes. I mean, in the water repellent kind, that is.

    I feel the same, Cori, so glad to have stumbled upon your blog, thanks to our common Sub-Three friend. I have met quite a few people in real life after meeting them online and friendships have lived on... I, too, hope to meet YOU in person soon. Just let me know when you plan to be in the area and we'll hook up! ;-)

    Cheerios! (still hungry, yep)

  3. oooooo how great is this! Great job! I just kinda love the name Half Goofy btw. Great running over the couple days, and in those temps, too! Just the PIC of the ice bath had me saying oucccccccccch!

  4. Awesome work to both you and Zin! Great photos and reporting as always!