Friday, August 24, 2012

Looks legit?

Let's get something straight - I only wear a swimsuit with a skirt in the pool because I have nothing else to put on. But now, I have another suit, thanks to Bikini Bay. It's pretty comfortable and my boobs stay put.

I even have tinted goggles and a watch that counts laps (not very well, alas) and a coordinated silicon cap from GO Sport (which I had for the past 15 years). Don't you dare to say that I'm an amateur (even if I am  - dammit, did I say that out loud?). 

But just watch this space - I just shed 8 (eight!!) minutes off my time at Professor's Lake last night, swimming 2.3km in 47 minutes. Just watch, I'm growing skin between my toes and scales on my back.


  1. When I was doing water aerobics I invested in a suit that was for people that swam a lot in chlorinated pools and it was worth the money.

    1. I didn't know there were "pool special" swimsuits until I bought this one actually. It had a "chlorine resistant" tag, so we'll see. However, I do admit to not have been giving the best care to my previous swimsuits though after coming back from the pool, rarely washing them right afterwards or using special detergent. They would stay for days inside my wet towel until I'd remember I left them there... then I would throw them into the washing and drying machines. All wrong, right? So I'm not surprised they all turned into parachutes. I am committed to take care of this one though, I even bought magic detergent.

  2. Looking good, sexy. :o) WTG on the PLPB!