Friday, July 20, 2012

Perpetually Moving Target

Where did Riri run to? Well, somewhere in the archives of the intertubes I suppose... it was time to retire this Riri ever since Rihanna took over the nickname and everything that pops out of the archives when it comes to running is her running away from BF Chris Brown, the days when she's not back with him for more anyway.

See, when I decided to return to blogging, the first thing Blogger asked me you to do was to choose a blog name. I was in the middle of a major brain fart and technically I wanted to keep the same blog address I had before so I moved a few things around and simply renamed my old blog "Riri's Brain Dump" into "Run Riri Run". Not very original, I know, but fact is, "Run Lola Run" is one of my most favorite movies ever and after all, this blog was going to be about my running, so what the fart!

But now, since I'm in full triathlon mode and it's no longer just about my or Rihanna's running around, I figured that I needed to upgrade. I thought about making it "Swim Bike Run Riri Swim Bike Run", but that seemed a bit over the top, so I went looking for an answer in my geeky brain instead. My neurons lit up at the idea of "Perpetuum Mobile" thanks to my new life motto - "keep moving", but since Wikipedia puts more emphasis on the musical term than the physical concept, I was left with the disambiguated "Perpetual Motion" translation to work with.
A perpetual motion machine (PMM) is a device based on mechanical, chemical, electrical or other physical processes which, when started, will remain in operation forever and provide additional work as well. Only the natural wear of the components will eventually stop its operation.
A machine made of Iron, maybe?

Most of the days, I feel that I am running after a life goal in the hope that it will make me a better person. Something that as soon as I get to touch, becomes something else. A moving target, a game of tag, you're it! And I, too, become a moving target in the process. A perpetually moving target, that is.


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