Sunday, March 11, 2012

A beautiful day

I don't want this day to end, it's one of these days when the good keeps on coming. It started early for a Sunday, but long run oblige, I had the opportunity of running with a buddy, so I was not going to miss out on that. Alas, because of the Daylight Savings Time that happened last night, I wanted to make sure that my phone would ring on time, so I took it out of its dock, set a manual alarm for 6:45am and went to bed. It didn't ring. Fortunately I had another alarm set up for 7:30am that coincided with the time I was going to meet with my running friend, so I jumped out of bed, sent an apologetic SMS and prayed that he was going to wait. Nice guy as he is, he said not to worry, so I put on my running clothes, water in my bottles, grabbed a protein bar and a banana, a Gatorade and off I drove to our meeting point. 20min on the clock since I came out of bed, I was on the trail. For someone like me who isn't a morning person, that was rather unfreakinbelievable. We run for 2h on the Etobicoke Trail and averaged 6:37min/km for a total of 18.3km, which was to be the second miracle of the day. Last year I run the same trail at 8min/km, so this proves how much faster I've gotten. I was really happy with this run, I even threw in a 200m sprint at the end. Below is a picture from my favourite part of the trail, even though it was hilly like hell.

After the run I came home and went out for a walk to get coffee and "flush" my legs. A short 1.5km to the nearby Tim Hortons, no big deal. But by the time I cam back, I was STARVING. We decided to go to Pizza Hut since last time we went there was 1 year ago!! I just couldn't get the gooey oozy cheesy crust out of my mind. Thank goodness that the cheesy crust was also thin, so we figured that in 3 small slices there would be around 680cal, half the number of calories I burned on my run. The chicken lover's on a cheesy crust was a go! I devoured those 3 slices. Soooo good.

We made one more stop on our way back home, by Baskin and Robbins for ice cream. I only had one scoop of Rainbow Sherbet, pretty satisfying stuff.

Later on, the day warmed up so much, it was too beautiful to spend it inside. Hubbs prepared our bikes and with the excuse of going to pick up passport photos from Shoppers Drugmart, we went out for another tour of Brampton. 1h, almost 20k, we thoroughly enjoyed this one. Legs are still a-ok, hope they will not complain too much tomorrow when I'm going to throw a brick at them. Well, sort of, I'll have to do 30min bike, followed immediately by 30min of running - this is called a "brick" in triathlon jargon.

I'll leave you with this link to my 2h run and this one to the 19.4k ride. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!

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